About Us

Why Kosha?

In today's hectic world, time for yourself is a scarcity. We at Kosha first started doing yoga to relieve the stress from our lives. After a few weeks of practice yoga brought more than peace to our minds. Our bodies started to feel better and our minds became clearer. Each practice brought a new insight, and left us craving more. At the end, however; our lives were still hectic with work, school, and relationships. Yoga helps us handle the chaos of the world, but it doesn't take it away. We didn't like how after yoga we had to worry about vigorously disinfecting our mat and towels. It required more time than we had to give. That is why we created Kosha. Because just like yoga is meant to leave you focusing on yourself, yoga accessories should do the same. While yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, the addition of accessories should be able to transform with the changing of times. We at Kosha want to help with the cleaning and care of yoga accessories by making it more convenient and easier on your life.

About Kosha