Kosha In The News

UCLA Grad Solves Yoga Dilemma With Her Business
Inspired by her struggle in keeping her yoga mats clean, UCLA alumna Ashley Cintas created Kosha Covers, a yoga mat cover and accessories company.
Boost To Cancer Recovery: Introduction of Kosha Bolsters Protection Cover
Bolsters, a cancer recovery component, can now be kept completely safe from bacteria, odor, and damage even without repeated and time-consuming cleanings. With Kosha covers, hospitals can use bolsters more frequently, safely, and effectively.
The First Odor Resistant, Slip Resistant Yoga Mat. 
Twin sister's revolutionary yoga mat prevents odor and infections. Soak up sweat and eliminate bacteria with the Kosha experience. 
Entrepreneurial twin sisters, Ashley and Alysha Cintas love what they accomplish from yoga-mind, body, and soul. They did not, however, enjoy the time and effort it took to deodorize and disinfect their mat and towels.